SneakerDrip Height Boost Insoles

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Boost Length:
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Keeley Quitzon

It came in a week, the attachments are cool because i can choose to be tall one day and even taller the next day lol

Josefa McGlynn

Me and my brother just got taller overnight lol

Eleanore Fritsch

Actually does what it says.. I feel more confident for some reason

Thurman Wolff

They arrived very fast, like in 3 days, I bought them only with 1 extra support, might get the higher attachments next

Ella Ebert

The item was just as described and it came pretty fast too it didn’t take a whole month to get here. It’s much more comfortable than I thought, it’s very soft/squeeshy and feels good to stand on, it’s more comfortable than my shoes without them on, it also makes u taller but you can’t use all 9 cm or 7cm on most shoes you’ll need special high top shoes to take advantage out of all the height. I’m going to order another one for myself these were meant to be a gift but I liked them too much

Alexandra Schiller

These are lit asf

Bessie Bosco

When I saw them online I thought they look weird, now I actually got them in and I love it lowkey

Chadd Morissette

In less than 5 days already received it its very practical and feels like its good quality

Grayson Parker

these shipped so fast! :D they only took 5 days and i was so surprised when they arrived in the post! okay, here is a review from someone who has been wearing these same insoles for over a year. you are not going to be able to wear them at full height right away, you're going to need to adjust to them over a few months. it takes time to get used to each height and learn how to stay balanced, but you tend to know when you're ready to move up. you need shoes slightly bigger than your normal size to fit them, and you are going to be clumsier on your feet unless you've grown used to them. also you need to take them out of your shoes every so-often to get rid of dirt. however, these are super comfortable and can be cut down to any shape you need. they're perfect for everyday use and have been a huge confidence boost since i bought them :D

Roderick Kling

Very quick, sneakerdrip is excellent, I asked to put two right insoles, and they did. Well done. Thank you.