How to keep your sneakers good as new

New Sneakers

There is nothing more excited than purchasing a pair of sneakers from your favorite brand. Branded sneakers could be quite an investment, so you want them to last in a new condition. With a simple few actions and small investment in sneakers accessories you could keep your sneakers longer. 

Follow these tips to keep your sneakers new

  1. Clean by hand
    Never put your shoes in the washing machine or the dryer. Your sneakers will never be new again with those actions. Clean by hand regularly using warm water. 
  2. Avoid creases
    Use Crease Shields stoppers to avoid creases in your sneakers, a straightforward and yet so genius product. Crease shields will keep the shape of your sneakers as new. This an example where investment on sneakers accessories will save money by keeping your sneakers in a better shape
  3. Shoelaces 
    Yes, the shoelaces is an important tip. Mix a laundry detergent with warm water in a bowl, put the laces in for 20 minutes and scrub genteelly any stubborn spots or stains. To not damage the laces fiber, avoid using bleach or scrubbing the laces with a toothbrush.
    If the effort is too high, consider purchasing a set of new laces, it will give your sneakers a whole new look, especially if a different color is chosen.
  4. Sneakers storage
    I know, in some cases your sneakers need some fresh air, but never put your sneakers under the sun, finding a shaded place with a fresh air will be much better, and the latter in your sneaker will not harmed by the sun. Also a gym bag is not a good place to store and not letting them breath.